Monday, March 14, 2011

what was

This weekend was full of...

Savanna wanting to bake and make, as much without assistance as possible. I tried to be available without hovering and she did just fine. I like that she still straps on her cat apron before getting started (Aspen has a similar pig apron). I tried to get some good pictures, which produced a lot of eye rolling and faces of the are you serious? variety? At one point, she asked, "Mom, do you want me to put my little pinkie on the cooling rack so you can get a picture of it?" Sarcastic child.

Finishing some projects...

And starting others...
A sudden storm blowing through about 20 minutes into my regular run. I had been planning to shuttle cars around and run to River Forks Park, about 8.5 miles from here, but the sky looked a little ominous. Figuring it would just rain, Terry dog and I set out for a neighborhood run and there came a point where the wind started blowing like something out of The Wizard of Oz and Terry (always eager, always game for an adventure) looked at me like Mom, are you sure about this? At which point it started hailing...hard, sharp little pellets. We aimed for the shortest way home, me running fast with my head down like a charging rhino, hoping that maybe Mike would look out the window and wonder if we needed a lift. And he did! So nice to be rescued and ride the rest of the way home in a warm car.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with a fire, playing Settlers of Catan and eating popcorn. A happy ending.

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  1. I'm envious of those flowers! The cabinet you redid looks nice. I hope to freshen up some spaces - I think this winter has been too long, and I have been staring at the same things while cooped up inside. Maybe just rearranging the furniture would work!